The Rowan Tree: A NovelRowan Ellway is a young college president; Easter Blue, an impassioned student leader. Upon graduation, she takes a fellowship to Africa, and they lose touch. When, decades later, they meet again, they discover that their prior bond was but a rehearsal for the world stage.

The Rowan Tree reaches from the tumultuous 1960s into humanity’s future, encompassing the worlds of politics, sport, ballet, presidential leadership, and world governance. An international cast of characters personifies the catalytic role of love in political change.

Replete with illicit loves, quixotic quests, and inextinguishable hope, The Rowan Tree foretells a dignitarian world much as the story of King Arthur and the round table sowed the seeds of democracy.

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“The Rowan Tree…is the type of novel that is often called “sweeping” – it spans six decades and has a backdrop of global politics as a framework. It tackles tough subjects, the types of subjects that often lead to heated conversations on education reform, interracial relationships, nuclear disarmament, world government, college and pro basketball…Ultimately, The Rowan Tree tells the story of a young man’s search for meaning and purpose in an age of irony. He finds it in his discovery of the centrality of dignity in human relationships, and this insight propels him onto the world stage.”
The Good Men Project


The Rowan Tree is a monumental tale – a modern-day Arthurian legend. The characters are vibrant and indelible, and the story moves with astonishing speed from a taboo campus romance to the corridors of global power. Along the way, we learn about some of the most important issues of our time – nuclear disarmament, sexual identities, racism, etc. The underlying theme is humanity’s quest for dignity. We learn about educational reform and governance, go backstage in the world of classical ballet, and follow the hero and his son’s journey to transform the world’s political system along dignitarian lines.”
– David Hoffman, Founder/CEO Internews

“Nearly twenty years in the making, Robert Fuller’s epic novel about the many sides of DIGNITY has arrived. I’ve had a ring side seat, watching it evolve from a campus romance into the global novel it finally became. He intuited Obama’s presidency years before it became a fact and his vision of the US and China co-creating a peaceful and robust world is a scenario worth holding.”
– John Steiner, Social Entrepreneur


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“Robert Fuller’s Somebodies and Nobodies is a wonderful and tremendously important book on the “ism” that is far more encompassing than racism, sexism or ageism. Rankism must be our prime target from now on in. Viva Fuller!”
—– Studs Terkel, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Working

“If only all the problems in the world were just about money, or land, or religion, or racism. But in fact, they’re about power. All of these things are just excuses for the ugly tendency of those in power to abuse those without it. Worse, power often seduces the powerless as much as it corrupts the powerful. Robert Fuller exposes these ugly dynamics – and in exposing them, helps to make them easier to overturn.”
—– Esther Dyson, Internet Guru/Editor Release 1.0

“Watch for a dignitarian movement against rankism that, like the civil rights and women’s movements, will transform American life – in the boardroom, the schoolroom, the bedroom and, a lot sooner than we might think, at the ballot box.”
—– Jerry Greenfield, Co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and Trustee of Ben and Jerry’s Foundation

“The quest for recognition, especially by those who lack status, has long been seen as one of the driving forces of human history. Somebodies and Nobodies explains how recognition, or its absence, affects your life, and what we can all do to make sure that we treat each other with the dignity we each deserve.”
—– Francis Fukuyama, Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Institute for International Studies and Author of The End of History

“Fuller gives us the essential tools to fight abuses of rank and to build high-performing institutions and organizations based on respect.”
—– Wes Boyd, Co-founder

All Rise give us a clear mandate for transforming our society into a true democracy.”
—– Rosalind Wiseman, Author of Queen Bees and Wannabes