Arthurian Legend

arthurianaAt its core, The Rowan Tree is a modern rendition of the Arthurian Legend.

The fall of Camelot at Jefferson College begets a generation-spanning quest for the Holy Grail that will renew the spirit of human dignity throughout our global political culture. The destiny of Arthur falls upon Adam as he gathers the future champions of dignitarian values to his Round Table and ushers in a new era in Washington, D.C.

Like Arthur, Adam’s life is fraught with personal setbacks and betrayals that threaten the rise of the new Camelot. Will Adam have to retreat before the grail of dignity can shine throughout the world?

 Note from the Author

The Boy's King ArthurI did not set out to write an Arthurian novel. In fact, it was only after working on The Rowan Tree for five years that I realized my characters had their counterparts in Camelot. Though the Arthurian myth may have shaped my novel unconsciously, the parallels between the characters of Morte d’Arthur and The Rowan Tree were long hidden from me, in part because the genders of King Arthur’s parents are reversed in Adam’s parents of The Rowan Tree.

When, finally, these parallels struck me, I changed the names, but not the genders, of a few of the characters in The Rowan Tree to provide clues to its underlying mythical structure. For example, Sir Galahad became the female Galia.

In short, The Rowan Tree was not intentionally modeled on the Arthurian myth. Rather, it assumed that form organically as if rising from unconscious depths—like Excalibur, borne aloft by the Lady of the Lake.

Characters in The Rowan TreeCharacters in the Arthurian Legend
RowanIgraine of Cornwall
Easter Uther Pendragon
Sara Duke of Cornwall (Gorlois)
 François Merlin
 Adam King Arthur
 Marisol Morgan le Fay (Morgana)
 Gwyneth Guinevere
 Rex Urey King Uriens
 Ben Lancelot
Ellie Elaine of Corbenic
 Viviane Vivienne
Galia Galahad
 Karen Kay (seneschal)


Modern Arthuriana: Resources

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Literary Inspirations

Sword at Sunset – Rosemary Sutcliff

The Once and Future King -T.H. White

The Mists of Avalon – Marion Zimmer Bradley

King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table – Roger Lancelyn Green

Morte d’Arthur – Sir Thomas Malory

Arthurian Romances – Chrétien de Troyes

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight -Translation by Simon Armitage


Further Reading

Arthuriana: The Journal of Arthurian Studies

The Cambridge Companion to the Arthurian Legend – Elizabeth Archibald, Ad Putter

The Arthurian Tradition: Essays in Convergence – Mary Flowers Braswell, John Bugge

The Return to Camelot: Chivalry and the English Gentleman – Mark Girouard

Arthurian Literature and Society – Stephen Thomas Knight

A Bibliography of Modern Arthuriana (1500-2000) – Ann F. Howey, Stephen Ray Reimer

A History of Arthurian Scholarship – Norris J. Lacy

King Arthur through the Ages – Valerie Marie Lagorio, Mildred Leake Day

Modern Arthurian Literature: An Anthology of English and American Arthuriana – Alan Lupack

The Grail Legend in Modern Literature – John Barry Marino

The King Arthur Myth in Modern American Literature – Andrew E. Mathis

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The Return of King Arthur: British and American  Arthurian Literature Since 1900 – Beverly Taylor, Elizabeth Brewer

The Return from Avalon: A Study of the Arthurian Legend in Modern Fiction – Raymond H. Thompson

The Quest of the Holy Grail – Jessie L. Weston

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